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HTTP based ad blocker for Mac OS X

No hacks, no instability
Upgrade Safari whenever you like, no need to wait for an upgraded hack

GlimmerBlocker is no longer maintained and should no longer be used as web sites have migrated from using plain http to using https (i.e. encrypted) which prohibits modification by a proxy unless you resort to install custom SSL certiticates on the client.

You should use a browser extension instead.

It was made as a hobby project during 2007-2008 by Peter Speck. It features both a custom http server and http client and a Mac OS X control panel.

GlimmerBlocker did not only block requests but also allowed for adding custom css and javascript to the pages. It also allowed for modification of the page html before the browser receives the html, which made some modifications much easier than DOM based modifications.

Filter improvements and bug fixes

Support for running transformers for non-OK http statuses, e.g. redirects and server errors.

Add gb.request.clientAddr and gb.request.clientHostname. By request of Paul Taylor.

When loading filters, just skip unloadable rules rather than aborting loading the complete filter.

Add "application/xhtml" to the list of mime types that matches the html criteria. Reported by Tony Rogers.

Execute request rules with the highest priority, not lowest.

Miscellaneous fixes

Fix "&" in YouTube download filename. More robust YouTube download filename handling for names with accented letters. By suggestion of Eric Jones.

Zap whitespace from host/path/query when saving the textfield contents into the xml to avoid pasted whitespace. The java validation ignores leading/trailing whitespace anyway. Reported by anonymous user.

Launch JVM by using JNI_CreateJavaVM first, and then fallback to /usr/libexec/java_home as the latter uses "java" as the processname instead of "GlimmerBlocker". From report by Björn Küstner.

More debug info when debugging de-chunking http responses.

Release date

Version 1.4.12 was released 2011-04-30

Release notes for 1.4.9, 1.4.8, 1.4.7 and list of all release notes.