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HTTP based ad blocker for Mac OS X

No hacks, no instability
Upgrade Safari whenever you like, no need to wait for an upgraded hack

GlimmerBlocker is no longer maintained and should no longer be used as web sites have migrated from using plain http to using https (i.e. encrypted) which prohibits modification by a proxy unless you resort to install custom SSL certiticates on the client.

You should use a browser extension instead.

It was made as a hobby project during 2007-2008 by Peter Speck. It features both a custom http server and http client and a Mac OS X control panel.

GlimmerBlocker did not only block requests but also allowed for adding custom css and javascript to the pages. It also allowed for modification of the page html before the browser receives the html, which made some modifications much easier than DOM based modifications.

Bug fixes and better compability

Added workaround for QuickTime player publish to MobileMe Gallery: it can't handle receiving the http response before it has sent all of the request data. Reported by Ian McCall.

Improvements to YouTube movie download: better handling of Safari's lack of support for characterset in download filenames.

Workaround for bug in squid/2.6.STABLE16 which sends invalid http headers: Vary: Accept-Language,\r\r\nAccept-Encoding. Reported by Thorsten Deppner.

Better compability with Monolingual and other system utilities which trim application size by removing translations and PowerPC code. The code signature is no longer required to be valid.

Enable request rules to modify non-proxy requests. If no request rule matches, and it's not an admin request, a simple 404 is returned. This enables GB to be used as simple web-server for e.g. PAC scripts. By request of Paul Edens.

Separate prefpanelicon.png no longer needed as the System Preferences app can use the bundle icns file. Problem with using 32*32 icon reported by Rudro Rana Biswas.

Misc improvements to logging and debugging support.

Release date

Version 1.4.4 was released 2010-01-16. (1.4.3 was never released, the number was skipped by accident).

Release notes for 1.4.2, 1.4.1, for 1.4 and list of all release notes.