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Getting the code

svn checkout GlimmerBlocker

Compiling and installing GlimmerBlocker from source requires the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA (I'm very often using the latest pre-beta builds), Xcode and a decent knowledge of shell scripting. The build process is not simple.

Send patches to: []

Subversion client

The subversion commandline client is included in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later, so you don't need to install anything if you use the commandline. For GUI-based clients, check the links in the "Subversion Clients: stand-alone" section on

How to build it, I think

Never been tested, so this should be taken as hints, not a cookbook. Mastering shell and perl scripts is mandatory.

  1. Stop the running proxy (aka deactivate).
  2. Create install dir: sudo mkdir -p /Library/PreferencePanes/GlimmerBlocker.prefPane
  3. Make sure it is owned by you: chmod -R johndoe /Library/PreferencePanes/GlimmerBlocker.prefPane
  4. Clean it out, but keep the dir: rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/GlimmerBlocker.prefPane/*
  5. Make the Xcode project. It will fail at the end due to missing Jars: PrefsPane/GlimmerBlockerPrefsPane.xcodeproj
  6. Open the IDEA project. Make it.
  7. Open Terminal, and cd into svntrunk/PrefsPane
  8. Execute ./
  9. Build the Xcode once more (not clean), it should now be a success.
  10. In Terminal: fix permissions on the auth helper:
    sudo chown root:admin /Library/PreferencePanes/GlimmerBlocker.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/AuthHelper
    sudo chmod 6555 /Library/PreferencePanes/GlimmerBlocker.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/AuthHelper