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    11= About filters =
    2 '''A couple of standard filters are automatically added
     2'''A few standard filters are automatically added
    33when you install !GlimmerBlocker for the first time.'''
    44So out of the box !GlimmerBlocker provides most users
    55with sufficient suppression of flashy ads.
    66See the bottom of this page for description of the standard filters.
     7Some of the standard filters are not enabled by default.
    810There are 2 policies governing the standard filters in !GlimmerBlocker:
    4547 2. automatically switch to high quality  (because that's just so much nicer).  If you have a slow internet connection, you might want to disable this rule.
    47 Examples found in the Danish filter list:
    4850 1. one site uses the same page title for all pages thereby rendering the "History" menu unusable. !GlimmerBlocker changes the title to a proper page name.
    4951 2. another site uses horrible line breaking (inside words, without any dash). The rule makes the site use normal line breaking.
    5759= Submitted Filters  =
    58 {{{
    59 #!html
    61 <table style='border-collapse: collapse; margin-bottom: 2em; ' border=1 cellpadding=4>
    62 <tr>
    63         <td valign=baseline>Title: </td>
    64         <td valign=baseline style='font-weight: bold;'>iTunes Store</td>
    65 </tr>
    66 <tr>
    67         <td valign=baseline>Author: </td>
    68         <td valign=baseline>Steve Streza</td>
    69 </tr>
    70 <tr>
    71         <td valign=baseline>Description: </td>
    72         <td valign=baseline>Makes opening links to the iTunes Store less of a hassle by avoiding iTunes Store links to cause iTunes to gain focus and interrupt whatever it is doing.  This filter lets the iTunes Store link open in a normal browser page. It then adds a link to open the actual iTunes Store.</td>
    73 </tr>
    74 <tr>
    75         <td valign=baseline>URL: </td>
    76         <td valign=baseline></td>
    77 </tr>
    78 </table>
    80 }}}
    8262If you have published a filter which you think is interesting for other users, please
    11191= Filters included in !GlimmerBlocker  =
    112 {{{
    113 #!html
    115 <table style='border-collapse: collapse; margin-bottom: 2em; ' border=1 cellpadding=4>
    116 <tr>
    117         <td valign=baseline>Title: </td>
    118         <td valign=baseline style='font-weight: bold;'>Worldwide ad-providers</td>
    119 </tr>
    120 <tr>
    121         <td valign=baseline>Description: </td>
    122         <td valign=baseline>This filter blocks common ad provider networks.</td>
    123 </tr>
    124 <tr>
    125         <td valign=baseline>URL: </td>
    126         <td valign=baseline></td>
    127 </tr>
    128 </table>
    131 <table style='border-collapse: collapse; margin-bottom: 2em; ' border=1 cellpadding=4>
    132 <tr>
    133         <td valign=baseline>Title: </td>
    134         <td valign=baseline style='font-weight: bold;'>Danish sites</td>
    135 </tr>
    136 <tr>
    137         <td valign=baseline>Description: </td>
    138         <td valign=baseline>This filter enhances a few danish sites. This is included mostly as an example of more advanced functionality as the 'Worldwide ad-providers' is mostly just simple blocking of sites.  This filter shows how to add css and javascript to a page, and shows how to use javascript to transform the html before Safari receives it. The latter is used for creating iPhone/iPod versions of Danish news sites.</td>
    139 </tr>
    140 <tr>
    141         <td valign=baseline>URL: </td>
    142         <td valign=baseline></td>
    143 </tr>
    144 </table>
    146 }}}