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Submitted Filters

Title: iTunes Store
Author: Steve Streza
Description: Makes opening links to the iTunes Store less of a hassle by avoiding iTunes Store links to cause iTunes to gain focus and interrupt whatever it is doing. This filter lets the iTunes Store link open in a normal browser page. It then adds a link to open the actual iTunes Store.

If you have published a filter which you think is interesting for other users, please [ send a description] of the filter.


How to subscribe to a filter

Unlock the settings by clicking on the lock:

Then select "Subscribe to filter..."

and enter the URL:

Beware that most filters require you to trust the author and enable the filter to modify content.


Filters included in GlimmerBlocker

Title: Worldwide ad-providers
Description: This filter blocks common ad provider networks.
Title: Danish sites (rødgrød)
Description: This filter enhances a few danish sites. This is included mostly as an example of more advanced functionality as the 'Worldwide ad-providers' is mostly just simple blocking of sites. This filter shows how to add css and javascript to a page, and shows how to use javascript to transform the html before Safari receives it. The latter is used for creating iPhone/iPod versions of Danish news sites.

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