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How to uninstall GlimmerBlocker

First, make sure GlimmerBlocker is deactivated. Open "System Preferences", click on the GlimmerBlocker icon, and make sure the "Activate GlimmerBlocker" checkbox is unchecked:

Because GlimmerBlocker doesn't install system extensions, input managers, etc, it is enough just to deactivate GlimmerBlocker. If you want to really delete it, click "Show all":

Hold down the control-key while clicking the GlimmerBlocker icon.

Choose the "Remove ..." action in the popup menu. GlimmerBlocker is now deleted from your system.

If you're uninstalling GlimmerBlocker because it doesn't work for you, please send feedback about the problem as this helps improving GlimmerBlocker.


Installed files

Before you delete any files, please deactivate GlimmerBlocker (as shown above) because the network proxy settings have to be updated to not use GlimmerBlocker.

The preferences panel is installed as:        (it contains all code, including the proxy server)


GlimmerBlocker keeps all its settings in the folder:


The proxy server creates log files in the folder:


That's all.

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