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Uninstalling GlimmerBlocker

Open the preference panel and make sure "Use GlimmerBlocker" is unchecked. This stops the java server.

This is enough for most users as GlimmerBlocker doesn't install any InputManagers, ApplicationEnhancers or any other hacks/extensions into the system.

To completely delete GlimmerBlocker from you system, remove the following files:

Installed files

If you chose to install the preference panel only for the local user, it is installed as:


(assuming your short username is "johndoe").

If you chose to install it for all users, it is installed as:


Note that you must uncheck "Use GlimmerBlocker" to be able to empty the trash in Finder.

GlimmerBlocker keeps all its settings in the folder:


and it creates an folder for your custom installed plugins: (this folder will be empty for most users).

/Library/Application Support/GlimmerBlocker

The proxy server creates a log file in the folder:


That's all.

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