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GlimmerBlocker is a more stable ad-blocker.

The problem with other ad-blockers for Safari is that they are implemented as awful hacks: as an InputManager and/or ApplicationEnhancer. This compromises the stability of Safari and very often create problems when Apple releases a new version of Safari.

GlimmerBlocker is implemented as an http proxy, so the stability of Safari isn't compromised because it doesn't use any hacks. It is even compatible with all other browsers.

You'll always be able to upgrade Safari without breaking GlimmerBlocker (or waiting for a new release); and you'll be able to upgrade GlimmerBlocker without upgrading Safari. This makes it much easier to use the beta versions of Safari and especially the nightly builds of WebKit.

Because GlimmerBlocker doesn't hack Safari, there is a few things it isn't able to do: adding a block by right-clicking an image, stopping pop-unders, and filtering cookies from 3rd party sites. But you win a lot in stability, and GlimmerBlocker provides much easier methods for adding your own modifications to pages by adding css rules, peices of Javascript or by transforming the html before Safari receives it. So I'll hope you're happy with the tradeoff.

If you can program in Javascript you'll be able to add your own modification to pages. See the "Danish sites" filter below for examples.


Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

GlimmerBlocker is free. No payments required. Just spread the word.


The current official release is GlimmerBlocker-1.6.6.dmg (release notes). Installation is simple, but you can get detailed installation instructions.

GlimmerBlocker installs very few files, so it is easy to uninstall.

Share your filters

A default filter for common worldwide ad-providers are included in GlimmerBlocker.

You can create your own filters and publish them using WebDav. Other users can subscribe to your filter. Drop [] me a note, and I'll create a page with the URL of the published filters.

To subscribe to a filter, open the preference panel, select the "Filters" tab and select "Subscribe to filter…" in the gear menu next to the +/- buttons. GlimmerBlocker checks every day if the filter author has published updates to the filter.

A filter for Danish websites is provided at:


GlimmerBlocker is fully open source (GPL). You can download the source, make your own modifications, submit changes, etc.

Guide to javascript transformations in GlimmerBlocker.

Older versions can be found in the downloads directory. Sparkle uses two rss feeds: official releases and beta releases. Even though the rss feeds includes a link to the new version, the easiest method to update GlimmerBlocker is to open the "System Preferences", choose GlimmerBlocker and click "check now" in the "Setup" tab pane.